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Business Card Workshop

Sit down and design your business card with us. You'll be happy you did!

The Atkinson Professional Accounting Association is excited to create business cards for our student members! Our goal is to prepare all of our student members for the business world. Owning business cards and handing them out is a must wherever you go! What better way to distinguish yourself among your peers? The business cards will be designed by an experienced design professional using Photoshop. Date: Monday, January 23, 2017 Time: 12PM-3PM (By Appointment) Location: 222 Atkinson Building What you get: 100 Business Cards, double-sided, full-colour. Discounted Cost: $10 (to be paid upon attending the workshop) Instructions: Follow the instructions within the sign-up form. You will upload your favourite business card designs and select a 20-minute time-slot to come in and customize your favourite business card design! How the workshop works: Using photoshop we will recreate your favourite business card with you. You will have a 20-minute time frame to customize your business card, so be sure to come prepared with what you'd like it to look like. Disclaimer: We cannot ensure that all business cards can be designed as we are designing them ourselves using Photoshop. Business cards with special cutouts or highly-unique designs will not be able to be recreated. Pick-up: When your business cards have arrived you will receive an email from us to pick them up from our office (253 Atkinson Building)

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Examples of Student Business Cards

Q: What should be included on my business card?
  • First and last name

  • Email address (professional only!)

  • Phone number

  • Degree title (Such as Bachelor of Administrative Studies or Bachelor of Commerce - BAS Candidate; BComm Candidate)

  • Expected graduation date

  • University name (York University)

  • Optional: LinkedIn URL or QR code

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