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PwC Talent Academy 2018 - APPLY NOW

Explore PricewaterhouseCoopers purpose, culture, values and all they have to offer!

Talent Academy is a selective program for the highest-achieving university students interested in learning about a fast-paced career at PwC. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and learning with PwC and other talented students from across the country. Participating in Talent Academy will give you:

  • valuable insight into the firm and the people

  • build your network with other top students and future leaders from universities across Canada

  • challenge yourself during this exciting summer conference

  • demonstrate your passion and abilities to be eligible to receive an offer to join the firm following your successful attendance at Talent Academy

Program Includes:

  • team-building activities

  • networking activities


Students studying accounting/commerce related undergraduate degrees or appropriate CPA conversion programs in their 1st to 4th year of study. APPLICATION DEADLINE IS MARCH 18TH, 2018.

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