Team Biographies


Vikul Malhotra

Vikul is currently in his fourth year, specializing in Accounting, and aspires to become CPA designated after graduation. He is eager to empower students and is actively involved in various organizations within York community.
While serving as the Co-President, Vikul plans on expanding the reach and
awareness of APAA. Ultimately, he wants his fellow accounting students to be well
equipped with skills and opportunities to achieve their career aspirations.
Outside of accounting, Vikul enjoys going on adventures, taking opportunities to travel, and exploring everything from food and culture to secret tunnels of Toronto. He is also passionate when it comes to playing baseball (Jays!), watching TV shows, listening to a wide variety of music, and reading.
Fun fact: When bored, Vikul likes to drive to McDonald’s by himself in the middle of the night - or hit up the gym - depending on how he’s feeling.

Dina Hana

Dina is a 4th year Honours B.Com Accounting student aspiring to pursue the Chartered Professional Accountant designation in the near future and acquire a law degree. She knows the importance of having a great education along with attending and helping organize engaging social activities that will allow herself and others to learn from one another and create a more meaningful university experience. She found her passion for Accounting in high school and has been working hard to achieve her goals through all of her successes and failures. 


Dina has a passion for working with clients to create an exceptional experience and has volunteered and worked in many fields. The variety of her volunteer and work experience has given her the ability to adapt to any environment quickly and efficiently.


This is Dina's second year as an APAA executive and she is looking forward to using her creative skills for the benefit of the team. Her goal for the upcoming year is to provide APAA members with the resources they need in order to progress towards a career in accounting. She wants to ensure that everyone is fully engaged in the events that APAA has planned for the year. 

Apart from APAA, Dina loves to spend time with friends and family, keep up to date with the latest fashion trends, and take opportunities to travel and learn more about the world around her.

Erica Lam

Erica is a fourth-year student in Commerce specialized in Accounting at York University, with plans to pursue CPA designation upon graduation. In July 2018, she will be joining PwC Hong Kong as a Summer Intern in Assurance.


This will be her first year serving APAA as an executive. As the Vice President of Marketing, she is looking forward to meeting all members, and promoting APAA events innovatively.


Aside from school and APAA, Erica loves to spend time with her family and friends visiting art museums around the world!


Fun fact: Erica adopted her first cat in summer 2017 and named her Cat.

Himani Pansuriya

Himani is a fourth year Accounting student who will be pursuing a CPA designation
upon graduation. She believes it’s extremely important to give back to the community along with focusing on school. Over the years, Himani has volunteered at numerous organizations in hopes of creating a change within the community.


This is Himani’s first year as an APAA Executive and is looking forward to applying all the skills and knowledge she has gained in the past to create events that will reach more students than ever before. Her goal for the upcoming year is to equip APAA members with the skills and knowledge to pursue a career in Accounting.


Outside of school, Himani enjoys watching hockey (leafs), going on hikes, swimming
and painting.

James Austria

James is a fourth year B.Com Accounting student at York University and aspires to attain a MAcc and CPA designation upon his graduation from the undergraduate program. He intends to gain more valuable and practical experience by finding mentors and like-minded individuals throughout the year. Being in a perpetual state of sleep deprivation, James has learned to appreciate the subtle flavours that coffee has to offer through continuous consumption.


As an Operations Director, James hopes to stimulate new ideas of acquiring sponsorships and attracting new members by collaborating with the new council.

Fun fact: James loves going to concerts and collecting limited press vinyl.

Jennifer Kwok

Jennifer is a fourth year B.Com Specialized Honours Accounting student, who like others students in the program, plans to pursue a CPA designation in the future. This is her first year as part of the Executive team and hopes to help students realize various types of opportunities throughout their accounting journey. As the Co-Director of Student and Community Relations, she hopes to organize more volunteer events to get students more involved in their local communities.


Outside of school, Jennifer works at the Student Centre as an accounting assistant and volunteers at the annual free tax clinic with CRA’s CVITP. She is also hopelessly trying to catch up on all “must-watch” movies and T.V shows (a list that seems to never end) and attempting to practice the French language.


Fun Fact: As a fan of the arts (writing, drawing, and music), she continues to write short stories, sketch various things (badly) and is attempting to learn her third instrument, the ukulele.

Minku Kwon

Minku is a third year Accounting student in Business Commerce Program and is pursuing the CPA designation upon graduation. He would like to be an external auditor to provide fairly presented financial information to external users in the future. This will be his first year serving as an APAA executive. 


As a Student and Community Relations Director, he plans to provide the students in Atkinson with more opportunities to find out their specific interests in the accounting field and to establish meaningful connections.


Besides school and APAA, Minku enjoys playing games, reading politics and working out.

Shafay Abbasi

Shafay is a fourth-year student specializing in Accounting with a future goal to achieve the CPA designation. His long-term goal is to become a successful entrepreneur.


Currently as the CPA Board of Ambassador, Shafay’s role is to promote the CPA designation on-campus and host accounting conferences to connect potential candidates with prospective employers. He is dedicated to providing viable career opportunities for the students of York University and ensuring that they are all well equipped with the professional skills and connections that will assist them in building competence in their careers.


Shafay loves to play basketball and he started at the age of 10. He is also a die-hard foodie and is always up to try different food places. Shafay is an avid traveler and has a bucket list of places he wants to explore to experience different cultures.


Fun Fact: He started university at the age of 16 and his childhood dream was to become an NBA player.

Zainab Mohsin

Zainab is currently in her 2nd year, specializing in Accounting and aspires to become a CPA upon graduation. She is eager to gain as much experience as possible during university with respect to accounting by getting actively involved with APAA and doing internships which provide her hands-on experience to translate her theoretical knowledge into practical experience. This, she believes, is challenging and essential to success in this field.

This will be her first year serving APAA as an executive. She is looking forward to making new friends and serving as a mentor to her juniors.

Aside from studies, Zainab loves to teach and would have opted to be a teacher if not an accountant. In her leisure time, Zainab enjoys painting still life art, drawing random objects and playing solitaire on her laptop.

Fun fact: Zainab loves to sleep and can easily sleep for 12+ hours.

Andy Suh

Andy is in his second year of B.Com specializing in the Accounting Program with plans to pursue his CPA designation upon graduation. With the previous experience as an events coordinator for the CPA Ontario Campus Team, Andy is looking forward to sharing his knowledge and experience on promoting opportunities and helping students grow professionally in his role this year as Marketing Director.


Fun Fact: Andy is still looking for his fun fact to this day, so if you have any suggestions or have any of your own, feel free to approach him and let him know as he would greatly appreciate the help!

Dimash Mussabetov

Dimash is a third-year Accounting student aspiring to pursue CPA Designation upon graduation. He is always looking to connect with Commerce students to ensure that fellow peers achieve success through APAA at York University.


Currently, Dimash is also part of Student Refugee Program (SRP) with World University Service of Canada (WUSC) at York University. This program enables young individuals in need of resettlement to pursue post-secondary education in Canada. Under role of Financial Assistant, Dimash has contributed in important and at times challenging decisions.

Fun Fact: Dimash speaks three languages: English, Russian, and Kazakh. Additionally, he is self-teaching Spanish.

Michael Alconcel

Michael is in his fourth year of studies in the B.Com Specialized Honours Accounting Program. He intends to pursue the CPA designation upon graduation. Michael has been involved in APAA since his first year and has met plenty of students and representatives through the organization. As a member of council, Michael aims to help students achieve their professional goals through the guidance and support of APAA

Aside from studying and working, Michael is dedicated to share his passion in weightlifting and to assist others in achieving their fitness goals.

Fun fact: If you're ever looking for Michael on campus, chances are he is at the weight room at Tait Mackenzie Centre.

Cindy Quach

Cindy is a third-year B.Com student specializing in Accounting with plans to pursue her CPA designation upon graduation.  This is her first year serving on the APAA Executive Council as Communications Director and she is excited to take on the role. Her goal is to effectively promote APAA events to help students be more engaged within the accounting community. Alongside her position on APAA, she is also involved with Frontier College at York University.


Aside from accounting, Cindy enjoys running, hiking and reading in her free time.


Fun fact: Cindy’s attempting to learn French this year! Her goal is to be able to go to France and order at a café.

Michael Davac

Michael is a third year Accounting student in the Commerce program and plans to pursue the CPA designation upon graduation. He is actively seeking internships and volunteering opportunities in the accounting field to expand his professional knowledge.


As a Communications Director, he hopes to better connect members with upcoming events. He wants members to be fully aware of the many networking events, workshops and volunteering opportunities that APAA has to offer.


In his free time, Michael enjoys drawing and playing volleyball. He participates in the York University Volleyball Club and intramural teams.


Fun Fact: He recently purchased his first fitness membership at Tait McKenzie and aims to get in shape.

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